Black Lives Matter by Matt Kantor

Black Lives Matter

11 x 17
"Black Lives Matter"

This is something I have not done before, created something on world issues. With the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis that took place few weeks ago and not just this country, but around the world people protesting, I wanted to create something that reflects what's been happening. So here it is. In the center is Colin Kaepernick, kneeling. Kaepernick kneeled during the 2016 season in a peaceful protest of police brutality towards blacks in this country & many people twisted it of him disrespecting the flag and this country. He fought for what he believed in was right & unfortunately, cost him his job in the NFL, because many teams were afraid of the backlash that would occur if signed. Now, the NFL acknowledges what Kaepernick was peacefully protesting about due to the recent events and apologies, which is the right move. The tattered American flag symbolizes how broken the system is but at the same time, unifying everyone when everyone stands up and fights for what is right. In the flag are the words "I CANT BREATHE" which are the words George Floyd said while the cop had his knee on his throat for 9 minutes, which was the cause of his death. These words have been seen before by NBA players wearing t-shirts few years back and now you see these words again. Around is the fist representing black power, black lives, etc along with the word BLACK LIVES MATTER.