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What Path Will You Take by Matt Kantor

What Path Will You Take

18x24, conte, 
This piece I had had in mind for awhile.  It is a very simple piece of four roses, however, simple is powerful.  I wanted to illustrate the good and the bad of what life can throw at you.  From the top is a healthy rose and moving on to the next rose to the next to the final one on the bottom of a dying/dead rose, depicts the ups and downs of what we all go through.  Stages of life, healthy to death, but also what we go through in life.  For awhile, I did not know what to title this piece, even before it was completed.  I titled it “What Path Will You Take” because yes it illustrates life and death, but it goes beyond just that.  As I said, it explains the ups and downs of life, but the reason for the title, because we all chose our paths in life and th