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Artist Statement

With my work, I want to capture a moment in life.  A moment that is simple but at the same time inspires.


The theme that revolves around this; Balance. Balance is what makes up the world.  The subject matter I focus on that implements balance are flowers. Flowers are an illustration of both worlds: happiness and sadness, love and death, etc. Graphite, Conte, Oil Paints, Acrylics, Charcoal, Color Pencil, and combinations of mediums, not only brings the work to life but mirrors how people feel. Sometimes, it’s the simple pieces that have the greatest effect that can alter one’s mood, change one’s life, or relate to whatever the piece feeds back. 


 My inspiration derives from life. I have been motivated to create my own voice, thus an opportunity to say something meaningful to the outside world. Art is an expression, a way an artist tells his/her view, story, or idea, and only the artist knows the true meaning behind his/her work and leaves the audience to determine their own perspective. Each piece is a guide in the direction of what to illustrate next. Each piece is a guide to dive into new areas of interests, and new challenges. In the end, each piece is a guide for audiences to allow the work to speak to them, find meaning, and/or seek a connection.



My goal with my art is not to talk about it and let my audience have a tunnel vision.  But to address it and allow my audience to let the work speak to them, interpret their own meaning, and to seek a connection in their own life.


"The world is your canvas.  Your experience is your paintbrush.  And your life is the image you create on your canvas.  It's your story to create and only you illustrate how you want to tell your story."