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My name is Matt Kantor, I am 32 years old.  Born in Key West, Florida and grew up in Texas. Attended Warren Wilson College (North Carolina) where I received my degree in Art.  I played basketball at my college and was an assistant coach at Warren Wilson from 2012-2019.  Starting at an early age, I began my passion for art.  Over the years, been expanding my taste in using different mediums and combining mediums to give off a different voice.  I started with sharpies, however, taking classes at Warren Wilson and a summer class at the Asheville Fine Arts League, helped me see lights and darks in what I am trying to capture.  By using graphite, Conte, charcoal, oils, and combinations, opened up new possibilities.  


MC Escher and Georgia O’Keeffe are my favorite artist's and with the work, I focus on now, I use Georgia O'Keeffe as a motivation to have my own footstep in the art world.  My senior year in college, I took an oil painting class, which I had never done oil painting before till then.  One project was to find an artist and mimic their style.  I choose Georgia O'Keeffe because her work is simple, abstract, but abstract where one can understand the subject.  After that project, I use her work as an inspiration to explore all the possibilities with my work that captures my audience.